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We’re searching for people with a clear commitment, creativity and readiness to work in an atmosphere of ambition and professionalism to join our team.

Our people are the power behind our firm, and they are the ones who allow us to be successful. We passionately believe that their contributions make our company what it is today. We nurture a vibrant and varied entrepreneurial atmosphere whilst also fostering an energetic ethos of growth and development. Our staff are encouraged to take on full responsibility for their decisions, to optimise their potential and to reach their goals. Rewarding performance and driving improvement is integral to our team’s success.

Embedded at the core of our company, is a corporate culture that encourages collaboration and innovation. We have an open-minded approach to problem-solving and believe in creating shared value between team members across all levels. Our recruitment process is specifically designed to identify those individuals who embody these qualities so that we can become even stronger as a unified entity. Above all else, we are focused on providing our people with opportunities for career progression and personal growth – which ultimately reflects positively on us as a business.

Securitas™ Financial Group

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We are committed to a long-term vision of value-adding investment in our human capital and their training and development. This commitment allows our staff the opportunity to acquire new skills and qualifications, enabling them to achieve their career goals. We understand that everyone has a different set of skills, and these are fostered through team and individual based training.

Our strong support network makes sure that our staff feel respected, empowered and valued. This results into the building of an enviable team of people with the capabilities to take on all kinds of challenges in a fast-moving environment. Our employees’ commitment to excellence is evident day after day as they strive for success at every level.

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If you are an owner of an established, independent brokerage and wish to fast-track your success by joining the Securitas™ Financial Group, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll gladly schedule a meeting to map the way forward. Experience has shown that such exploratory discussions further highlight the value-adding opportunities whilst dovetailing the individual merit of each business professional to ascertain a beneficial collaborative arrangement for all.

"You’ve identified the potential in me and offered me the platform from which to expand and develop my career path. Through this, I’ve managed to become a shareholder, as well as a director of the medical aid division of The Securitas™ Financial Group."
David Mosehla
“Since my transition to Securitas™, I’ve assisted Securitas™ in finding suitable “corporate homes” for four of my former colleagues. Securitas™ has proven themselves as masters in the art of acquisitions and mergers as all four are still happily employed by the company. Securitas™ truly delivered on their promises. My life was forever changed for the better.”
Chris Moller
“The career opportunities presented to me widely broadened my scope and allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a business success story.“
Guy Berrington
“What is truly astonishing is that the majority of my staff members are still employed by the Securitas™ Financial Group. Securitas™ invested heavily into their training and skills development. Today, I can look back on it all, and truly say that all the parties won.”
Annette Groenewald

Securitas™ Financial Group

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