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Medical Aid, Medical Insurance and Medical Gap Cover Solutions

We make adequate financial provision for cover for day-to-day medical expenses and hospitalisation possible with our Medical Aid, Medical Insurance and Gap Cover Solutions with Bonitas, Momentum and Discovery.

At Securitas™ Financial Group, our mission is to provide tailormade Health Solutions to employers and individuals. We take it upon ourselves to simplify medical scheme benefits and enlighten our customers, so they can make smart decisions concerning the utilisation of their health resources. Ultimately, we empower our clients to optimise their finances via savings on medical costs.

We strive to provide health cover solutions that offer comprehensive, affordable and easily accessible healthcare cover. We contract with leading medical aid providers so as to ensure our clients have a variety of options to choose from. Our well-trained consultants are available to provide advice on which solution works best for each client’s individual needs. At Securitas™ Financial Group, we understand how vital health coverage is in protecting one’s family and staff from illness and injury. As a result, we aim to simplify the process of getting top quality health cover at an affordable cost without compromising on service or quality. By working closely with our clients throughout their journey, we offer a straightforward and stress-free experience in securing Health Solutions tailored just for you.

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Our Guiding Principles Towards Providing You With The Right Health Cover

We pride ourselves on offering competitive products, and making sure that we provide the best service to our clients. We have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing exceptional advice in all areas of medical aid, medical insurance and gap cover, including individual healthcare, group insurance and risk management. Our commitment is to ensure that you receive expert care and guidance when it comes to selecting the right plan for your needs.

Better Health

We assist you in choosing a medical aid that is tailored to your requirements, with years of expertise and focused on improving the wellbeing of yourself and your family.

Better Experience

With our assistance, you and your family can make informed decisions on how to choose a plan, manage benefits, and understand coverage to ensure that you all get the care necessary for a healthier and happier life. Utilising our simple tools and resources will make the process much smoother.

Better Cost Control

With a wide range of medical aid, medical insurance and gap cover options to choose from and helpful cost-estimating tools available, you can find the coverage and care that best suits your budget.

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Health Cover Solutions

Medical Aid

Medical aid covers a range of benefits, from private hospitalisation cover, chronic and/or cover for day-to-day benefits. You can choose from a wide variety of options to suite your individual needs, budget and lifestyle. Some of the benefits that could be included in medical aid cover include access to a wide range of private hospitals; cover for certain chronic illnesses or conditions that require ongoing treatment; hospitalisation cover; day-to-day benefits such as doctor visits, specialist consultations and medicine costs; maternity cover including antenatal care, delivery expenses and hospitalisation cover; comprehensive cancer cover or trauma support plans.

Medical aid cover could also provide additional services such as emergency evacuation should you become ill in another country, advice on health matters from professionals via call centre helplines, discounts on gym memberships and more.

Medical Aid With Securitas Financial Group

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a type of health care coverage that takes care of the medical expenses of an individual or family. The policy holder is usually covered within a network of approved doctors, hospitals and pharmacies that have negotiated rates with the insurer. Medical treatments are paid according to formularies which stipulate how much the insurer will pay for each type of treatment or drug. Depending on the plan purchased, coverage may also include preventative health services like routine check-ups or vaccinations at no additional cost to the policy holder.

Gap Cover

Medical aid GAP Cover covers the in-hospital differences between what the practitioner charges and the amounts payable by your medical aid scheme. It is designed to ensure that you are fully covered during your stay in the hospital. It provides an additional financial layer of protection in the event that the medical scheme pays out less than what is charged by the hospital provider. GAP Cover could also help to reduce or possibly eliminate any excesses and/or co-payments, thereby ensuring that you have affordable access to quality healthcare services.

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