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We are a proud provider of financial services. The team is committed to personalised service, supported by professional knowledge, ethics and integrity. Our aim is to establish a long-standing relationship with our clients by offering disciplined wealth management options to help investors create greater control and confidence over financial decisions. We believe in following a combined approach to wealth management that ensures an ideal level of asset management, coordination and strategic integration. We manage more than R1 billion in assets under management.

Securitas™ Investment Portfolios
Over a hundred years of combined investment experience.

Active Management
Analysing the client’s current situation, goals and objectives.

Strategic Financial Planning
Short- and long-term planning, pre- and post-retirement planning.

Well-established, qualified and experience team of advisors.

Weekly Market Overview
Weekly wealth newsletters to keep clients updated on the latest financial news.

Securitas™ Model Portfolio

Our model portfolios combine asset managers who are meticulously selected to make the best investment decisions. Resources, skills and competencies of more than one asset manager is used when constructing the portfolios.

We have designed active-managed model portfolios around our client’s investment needs and specific risk profiles.

Securitas™ Regulation 28 & Discretionary Model Portfolios

Securitas™ Cautious Portfolio (Regulation 28 Compliant) PDF
Securitas™ Managed Portfolio (Regulation 28 Compliant) PDF
4D Flexible Income Portfolio (Regulation 28 Compliant)
Securitas™ Flexible High Growth Portfolio PDF

Securitas™ Tax-Free Savings Account Model Portfolios

TFSA Securitas™ Managed Portfolio PDF
TFSA Securitas™ Cautious Portfolio PDF
TFSA Securitas™ Worldwide Flexible Portfolio PDF


  • Unit Trusts
  • Open-Ended Investments
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Living Annuities
  • Life Annuities
  • Endowments
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Guaranteed Investments
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Our Approach

Securitas Financial Group Model
Securitas Financial Group Process

Qualitative & Quantitative

Qualitative Properties - Securitas Financial Group
Quantitative Properties - Securitas Financial Group

Licensed with all established companies.

Securitas Wealth Management Partners

Securitas™ Financial Group PTY (Ltd) (FSP 6536)

Securitas™ Model Portfolio Team

Albert van der Linde

Albert van der Linde, B. Comm (US), B. Comm (Hons)(UP) PDFP (UFS)

Carina Roberts

Carina Roberts, NQF5, National Wealth Management Certificate (Administrator)

Hannes Bresler

Hannes Bresler, CFP®, B.Com (Hons)(UJ), Pr. Tech Eng

Johan Steyn

Johan Steyn, RFP™

4D Wealth Management (FSP 40794)

We Collaborate With 4D Wealth, Independent Category 2 Fund Managers

Reon Coetzee

Reon Coetzee, CFP®, BA (UP), CIPA (UNISA), PDFP (UFS)

Dean Prigge

Dean Prigge B. Comm (UNISA), Financial Markets (Beaufort Institute)

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