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Securitas™ Financial Group can assist you with attracting and keeping the best people in your industry with the structuring of competitive and flexible employee benefits.

The most obvious benefit that comes with offering benefits packages to your employees is happier staff. Satisfied workers will be more loyal and remain with the company longer, helping reduce turnover costs and create a more consistent work environment. Beyond employee satisfaction, having competitive benefits also strengthens your brand in the eyes of prospective future hires. An attractive benefits package helps you recruit talented individuals who would otherwise look elsewhere for jobs. Even if your own team consists of several long-term employees, having appealing betterment options can make all the difference when it comes to taking on interns, part-time help or other short-term staffers who might eventually permanently join your ranks.

The impact of employee benefits doesn’t stop with recruitment & retention – it can also improve overall productivity within the workplace. When your staff knows that their wellbeing is being taken care of, they are more likely to stay focused on their work and be productive throughout the day. Employees who understand that their employer is invested in providing a robust benefits package will be more driven to perform at higher levels for longer periods.

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Finally, having a benefits program for your employees can improve morale. Beyond the tangible financial rewards and incentives that come with offering benefits packages, people generally find value in knowing their employer values them highly enough to invest in creating optimised packages tailored to their needs. The administrative time spent on creating individualised betterment plans pays dividends when it comes to strong teams feeling valued and needing less motivation since they already feel appreciated and cared for by their employers.

Small-business owners may be led to think that offering benefits is a financial impossibility, when in reality this notion could impede the potential for their business’s success in the long run. Going without benefits may boost their bottom line momentarily, but this ‘penny-wise’ attitude could ultimately prove damaging.

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The team at Securitas™ Employee Benefits, a division of the Securitas™ Financial Group, strives to give employers and their staff the most comprehensive, professional advice and services on group risk in the industry. Our qualified experts are available to offer assistance; from educating employees to taking on administrative responsibilities from employers, we strive to help them save for retirement and build up their financial capabilities. On top of that, with branches all over the country and 115+ employees, we’re a Level 2 BBBEE company.

We believe our approach sets us apart from the rest. We’re passionate about what we do and how we assist employers; providing a tailored solution that meets the employer’s short-term goals, while still taking into account their long-term objectives – with no cookie cutter solutions in sight! We strive to provide an experience where employers can work with someone who understands their requirements before setting up personalised policies and packages which put them at ease because they understand precisely how they’ll be benefiting employees while also aiding them in reducing costs.

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Group Funeral Cover


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Group Healthcare Cover


Group Death Benefits


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