Is having a valid will important?

The Significance of Having a Valid Will.

If you’re wondering whether you need a valid Will, the answer is straightforward: Yes, you do. Having a valid Will is important for several good reasons. Skipping it could lead to some unintended consequences.

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What Happens Without a Valid Will?

When you pass away without a valid Will, your estate is subject to the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987. This might result in beneficiaries being included or excluded in ways that don’t match your last wishes. Basically, legislation decides how your assets get distributed, which might not reflect what you had in mind.

A valid will is important

Why Do You Need a Will?

Making Sure Your Final Wishes Are Followed:

A Will is your way of making sure your final wishes are carried out just as you wanted. It's your chance to have a say in what happens to your belongings after you're gone.

Taking Care of Your Kids:

With a Will, you can indicate who you want to take care of your minor children. This is super important to make sure your kids are in the hands of people you trust.

Choosing the Right Person to Administrate your Estate:

You can choose someone you trust as the Executor of your Will. This person should have the know-how to handle your estate effectively, or you can appoint an agent to assist in finalizing the estate.

Avoiding Family Fights:

A well-drafted Will can help prevent family conflicts by giving clear guidance on how your assets need to be divided.

Creating a Trust if Needed:

Through a Will, you can set up a trust to protect the interests of your minor children and elderly dependents. You can also appoint Trustees you trust to manage these trusts, ensuring their financial security.

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What Should Your Will Include?

Your Will should have the following:


Your personal info, like your ID number, full names, surname, and marital status.


A clear statement saying it's your last Will and Testament and that it cancels out any previous Wills.


If you have kids, who do you want to take care of them?


Make sure your business runs smoothly and keep operations going without interruption.


The details of the person you want to be in charge of your estate (Your Executor).


If needed, provisions for a trust and the appointment of Trustees.


Your Will should give details of any special bequests to specific heirs, including details of the residual heirs after payment of administration costs and liabilities.


It must comply with the statutory requirements for a valid Will. For example, it must be originally signed by you and your witnesses in each other's presence. It is important to note who may sign as witnesses and who are excluded.

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* You also need to remember that you can’t determine anything in your Will that might be considered illegal.

Update your will

When and How Often Should You Update Your Will?

It’s essential to review and update your Will regularly, especially when significant life changes happen. These changes include getting married, divorced, the birth of a child, the death of beneficiaries, or if the Executor or Trustees pass away. Not updating your Will within a reasonable time after such events can lead to unexpected outcomes.

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Choosing the Right Executor:

Nominating the right Executor is crucial because they’re the ones who will carry out your wishes. Choose someone you trust and who knows what they’re doing.

Why Choose Securitas™ Financial Group as Your Executor?

We provide personal assistance without call centers getting in the way.

We're committed to supporting and looking after your loved ones.

We handle all the finer details, giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out just as you want them, now and in the future.

In conclusion, having a valid Will a way to ensure your assets go where you want them to and that your loved ones are taken care of.

So, don’t leave it to fate – draft your Will today and secure your legacy. After all, who wants to be without a legal valid Will?

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