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Comprehensive Personal Cover

Our goal is to give our customers access to bespoke car insurance, home insurance and buildings insurance solutions and be a dependable ally in managing financial risks.

At Securitas™ Financial Group, we understand the importance of having comprehensive personal cover. To that end, we work with only the most reputable insurers and create bespoke risk and financial solutions for each individual. Our knowledgeable advisors are on hand to provide sound advice and guide you in managing your personal portfolio. In an ever-changing world, you can count on Securitas™ to be by your side if something should go wrong; offering you security and peace of mind.

Aside from providing tailored services to meet individual requirements, Securitas™ also offers a wide range of products and services that help protect assets and ensure financial security. By partnering with leading insurers across South Africa, we have access to top-level insurance products. We also pride ourselves on being one of the most advanced insurance brokerages in the industry. Thanks to our pioneering technology platform, clients can easily manage their policies online or through an app at any time.

Insure With Confidence

Easier Than Ever Before

We make it easier than ever before for policy holders to keep track of their policy information and make changes when needed – all while saving money! These are just some examples of how we are committed to helping clients get the best out of every situation by delivering superior protection and value for money. Whether you need assistance in finding the right cover or require more information about certain aspects related to your policy, Securitas™ will be there for you every step of the way.

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Short-Term Personal Insurance Cover

Home Content Insurance

We understand that your possessions are not just material things to you. They hold value for you and bring you happiness. Insure them against life’s unforeseeable circumstances with the right cover tailored to your individual needs.

Car Insurance

Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, watercraft or specialist vehicle, it’s important to have the right level of vehicle insurance in place. This will protect you financially if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident. It will also provide cover if you damage someone else’s property with your vehicle.

Home Insurance

Buildings insurance or Home insurance covers the physical structure of your home in the event of damage or destruction. This can include damage from weather, fires, and other disasters. Buildings insurance can also cover things like outbuildings and garages. If you have a bond on your home, buildings insurance is usually required by the lender.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides protection against claims for bodily injury or damage to property that may arise from negligence. This type of insurance can help cover the costs of legal fees and payouts if you are found to be legally responsible for such an incident. Without liability insurance, you could be facing a large financial burden if you are sued or held liable for an accident.

Specialist Insurance

If you have something important that you need to insure, then you can trust us to provide the specialist insurance products that you require. We understand that not everything can be covered by a standard policy, which is why we offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's your home, your business, or your livelihood, we'll do everything we can to help you protect it. So if it matters to you, it matters to us.

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