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Enhance Your Financial Well-Being with flexiFEDSavvy.

In an economic landscape where financial prudence is essential, flexiFEDSavvy offers you top-tier medical aid without a hefty price tag. Brought to you by Securitas™ Financial Group, a trusted name in sourcing a range of medical aid products from multiple providers, flexiFEDSavvy stands out as an exceptional offering especially tailored for select demographics.

Securitas™ Financial Group

Why Choose flexiFEDSavvy Through Securitas™ Financial Group?

Competitive Pricing

With plans starting at R945 per month, it offers one of the most budget-friendly comprehensive medical aid options in South Africa.

Unlimited In-Network Private Hospitalisation

Enjoy peace of mind with no cap on private hospital expenses when utilising network facilities. Virtual and In-Person GP Consultations Avail three face-to-face GP consultations and unlimited virtual appointments for the ultimate convenience.

Post-Hospitalization Benefits

Benefit from seven days of take-home medication and 30 days of post-hospitalisation treatment.

Female Health Benefits

Access to female contraceptives is included as part of the package.

Specialized Radiology and Screenings

Additional benefits include specialised radiology and health screenings.


Is flexiFEDSavvy Right for You?

If you’re below the age of 35, flexiFEDSavvy offers a healthcare plan designed with your specific needs in mind. Benefit from comprehensive coverage without worrying about medical services typically required at a later life stage.

For Parents Seeking Individual Child Coverage:

Should you require a more comprehensive medical plan due to specific health needs but seek a streamlined package for your child, flexiFEDSavvy offers a suitable and cost-effective alternative.

For Parents of Students or Overaged Dependents:

If you have dependents in tertiary education or those who have yet to leave the nest, flexiFEDSavvy provides coverage options that are both economical and adequate.

Affordable Medical Aids

Securitas™ Financial Group

Enhance Your Financial Well-Being with flexiFEDSavvy.

As with all flexiFED offerings sourced through Securitas, manage daily medical expenses efficiently with flexible savings options. Take the Next Step: Apply for flexiFEDSavvy Today Securitas™ Financial Group is proud to source medical aid options from a diverse portfolio of providers, and we believe flexiFEDSavvy could be the right fit for you. Click here to initiate your application and step into a wiser healthcare future.

Medical Aid for Young Adults.
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